Technical Library

Technical Library

Metal Finishing Technical Library The Advanced Plating Technologies Technical Library is your premier database for surface finishing information. View our monthly technical blog, read answers to frequently asked questions within our plating topics section or browse metal finishing white papers and specifications.


The Advanced Plating Technologies monthly blog is filled with information on various plating topics. Each blog post is written by an in-house engineer or Certified Electroplater Finisher (CEF) as we believe that in order to provide the best content it must come from our technical experts. From brief, informational pieces to extensive, published articles the APT blog is full of excellent information specific to the art and science of metal finishing.

Plating Topics

The plating topics section of the Technical Library focuses in on eight finishing topics that are relevant regardless of industry. Corrosion, Plating and underplate selection, plating thickness and uniformity, adhesion, aesthetics and appearance, gold and silver pricing, hydrogen embrittlement and environmental issues and compliance are the topics that are covered. Each category has FAQ’s that APT has provided within this list.

White Papers

Advanced Plating Technologies is happy to provide reports and informational documents that are relevant to the metal finishing industry. Our White Papers section is full of outstanding articles that our Engineers have found and want to share with our customers and industry counterparts.  Feel free to browse the technical information and wealth of valuable engineering resources that goes beyond the APT website.

Specification Downloads

Access the extensive online library of metal finishing specifications. APT has provided access to public metal finishing specifications in one location that is easy to navigate and view. For additional specification requests please contact our Technical Sales Team.


Contact Advanced Plating Technologies with any questions on any of the content within our Technical Library.