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APT Advertising Proposal

APT is excited to announce the launch of it’s 2022 Firearm & Ammo Finishes Advertising Proposal for all existing and new customers.

  • Order Discounts
  • Backlink from APT Website
  • Case Study Piece
  • Post on Social Media Outlets

    Download 2022 APT Advertising Proposal

Advanced Plating Technologies will provide a 10% credit on all orders through 2022 or 12 Month term for the implementation of APT’s proprietary finish names in marketing material, packaging of products in print &digital marketing materials. The credit will be able to be used on future services. APT will also include a link to your company website from APT site and create a case study along with social posts geared towards your company and its product.

Marketing Material must be supplied to APT for review to receive the 10% discount. Advanced Plating Technologies to credit total sales with 10% at Year-end. 



Tacti-black® black electroless nickel plating or traditional electroless nickel plating firearms finishes provide nearly perfect deposit uniformity and outstanding surface lubricity, making it an excellent choice for tight tolerance parts where fitment is a concern.

  • Consistent Black Appearance
  • Regardless of Substrate Material
  • Black on Stainless Steels
  • Enhanced Lubricity
  • Tight Tolerances and Coverage Within
  • Tubulars
  • Ease of Cleaning


Eclipse-TPD® (Tactical Performance Defense) is the most advanced low reflectance coating available today for ammunition components. Eclipse-TPD® provides a smoke-black, matte appearance that is ideal for use where low light reflectivity is a tactical requirement. There is no other finish today that couples the lubricity and corrosion performance benefits with the low reflectance tactical advantage of Eclipse-TPD®.


  • Smoke Black Finish
  • Molecular Enhanced Duplex Technology
  • Dry Film Lubricity
  • Low Reflectance Coating for Tactical Applications



Black-TPD® couples the unmatched deposit durability, reloading capacity and ductility of APT’s Ducta-bright 7a® nickel with a proprietary Black-TPD® alloy. The result is a duplex coating system with unsurpassed corrosion resistance, dry film lubricity with a premium, liquid-black appearance.

  • Liquid Black Finish
  • Dry Film Lubricity
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance





Ducta-Bright 7a®


Ducta-bright 7a® was developed in response to this in a year-long R&D project at APT. The goal was to create a ductile and bright nickel deposit that would be optimized for the most aggressive ammunition applications. Of the 40 process variants that were developed and tested, group A within Lot 7 produced the best combination giving the process its signature name.

The Ducta-bright 7a® Nickel process provides a lustrous nickel deposit that can withstand even the most aggressive +P loading and will afford virtually as many reloads as a raw brass casing.

  • Will Not Crack or Flake During Loading or Reloading
  • Enhanced Feeding
  • Improved Corrosion Protection
  • No Tarnishing of Brass

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