Industries Serviced

Industries Serviced

Advanced Plating Technologies services a wide breadth of industries providing plating, powder coating and passivation services for manufacturing OEMs and their suppliers.  It is our objective to provide expertise in surface engineering and be the best-value supplier of choice for companies within technologically engaged industries.

Industries Serviced: A Brief Summary

Electric Vehicle:


  • Electroless & Electrolytic Nickel: Nickel is an excellent coating to prevent oxidation of copper or aluminum base materials and to facilitate joining operations such as Ultrasonic Welding (USW) and brazing.  APT provides functional electrolytic and electroless nickel plating of terminals, connectors and bus components and can provide nickel as an underplate to silver and tin plating as required.
  • Silver:  Silver is the ultimate conductive coating for terminals, pins and connectors that must reliably pass high electrical loads over a wide range of temperatures.  Silver does not oxidize and provides consistent conductivity for reliable connections.   Silver is a natural metallic lubricant that will not gall in sliding connections or threaded components including high temperature fasteners.
  • Tin:  Tin plating provides an economical conductive coating for copper and aluminum bus bar and terminal components.  Tin provides good corrosion protection of the substrate to help prevent high-resistance oxidation.  APT offers selective tin plating of terminals and bus bars leaving weld pads free of plating to facilitate Ultrasonic Welding (USW) post plate.
  • Coating Optimized for Ultrasonic Welding (USW): USW is a method to bond metals, including dissimilar metals, using pressure and ultrasonic waves to create friction between the two metals.  APT offers nickel, electroless nickel and silver plating processes that have been optimized for USW applications to ensure a reliable and repeatable weld joint.  Due to the low melting point of tin which impedes USW, APT offers selective tin plating to provide a tin-free weld pad surface.  Our engineering group can help recommend a finish and/or process best suited for any USW application.



Medical and Device Industries

  • Gold plating of electrical contacts, forceps, arthroscopic & endoscopic components for biocompatibility and scanning components for high temperature joinability
  • Precision passivation of titanium & medical alloys including catheter eyelets, arthroscopic & endoscopic tools, titanium & cobalt-chrome implants and medical device springs and wire forms for corrosion resistance
  • Tin, electroless nickel and high purity nickel coatings on anesthesia delivery components, laryngoscope handles, radiation focus plates, radiation lead and tungsten shielding, and scanning components for joinability
  • Powder coating of stethoscope chest pieces, radiological vessels, component tool kits and various structural and device housing components.

Ammunition & Firearm:


Power Transmission and Distribution:


  • Transformers for the Power Transmission & Distribution Industries High purity 99.9% pure matte silver and 99.0% pure semibright silver plating of current exchangers, interrupters, bussing components, switch gear, fusing caps and amp rods & bushings.
  • Bright and Matte tin plating of switchgear, fusing caps, terminals, bussing components, reclosers and aluminum bushing rods.
  • High purity sulfamate nickel for soldering and brazing applications, electroless and electrolytic nickel for various switchgear, reclosers, cut outs, junctions, bushings, fuses, and terminals.
  • Industrial passivation of stainless steel for various wire forms, springs and shafts used within the power transmission industry.



  • Defense and Government Industries Bearing plating services including heavy build plating in silver, tin/lead and lead
  • Tacti-black electroless nickel and black electrolytic nickel for interconnect housings and coupling components
  • High purity matte silver plating services for power components and buss bars
  • 99.9% pure soft gold and 99.7% pure hard gold plating of lead frames and interconnect pins for critical defense interconnect applications.
  • Electroless nickel plating of various castings, fittings and machined components



  • Plating of high purity silver, lead, tin/lead and tin/copper/lead as a babbitt material for various bearing, bushing and thrust washer components
  • Plate-to-gauge/dimension plating of bearings, bushings and thrust washers using specific pre, in-situ and post plate inspection techniques to ensure components meet dimensional requirements.
  • Heavy build plating of silver, tin/lead, lead and tin/copper/lead to thicknesses up to 0.020 inches (500um) for specific wear and anti-galling applications.



  • Offshore Oil Rig for the Oil and Gas Industries High wear and hardness electroless nickel plating of valve stems and bodies, shafts and components.
  • High phosphorus electroless nickel plating services for highly corrosive applications involving methane, naphtha compounds, benzene, toluene and xylene feedstocks. Heavy build plating of electroless nickel for high wear or highly corrosive applications involving raw hydrocarbons.
  • Industrial passivation of stainless steel for various wire forms, stampings and springs as well as AAA passivation of free-machining grades of stainless steel including shafts and machined components used within the petrochemical industry.
  • 99.7% pure gold hard gold plating of interconnect pins and terminals for critical down-hole communication applications.  99.9% high-purity soft gold for highly corrosive terminal probe and lead-frame wire bonding applications.
  • 99.9% pure matte silver for chlorine or high-chloride chemical resistance applications.

Telecommunications/Electronic & Interconnect:


  • Telecommunications ,Electronic, & Interconnect Industries 99.7% pure gold hard gold plating of interconnect pins, sockets and terminals as well as 99.9% pure soft gold for critical soldering and wire bonding applications.
  • High purity sulfamate nickel plating for flexible interconnect components requiring soldering or brazing applications.  Electroless nickel plating of tight tolerance applications and as an underplate to critical gold interconnect components.
  • 99.9% pure matte silver and 99.9% pure semibright silver for wiping interconnect applications or applications requiring soldering or wire bonding.
  • Bright and matte tin with or without a nickel underplate for terminal pads, grounding lugs, interconnect pins and sockets including critical solderability applications.

Energy & Energy Storage:


  • Energy and Energy Storage Industries Image Pure lead and tin/lead plating services for terminal connections and lugs as well as various electrochemical energy storage components offering chemical resistance to strong mineral acids
  • High purity 99.9% pure matte silver for conductivity, solderability and chemical resistance to high chloride environments
  • High phosphorus electroless nickel plating services for highly corrosive applications involving strong mineral acids.



  • Electroless nickel plating of machined hydraulic fittings and components
  • Heavy build silver plating of connecting rods for bottom-guided rod applications.
  • Selective powder paint application of fuel rails and fitting brazed stainless steel components.
  • Bright tin plating for lubricity, anti-galling and reduced wear of stainless steel components.
  • Industrial passivation of stainless steel for various wire forms, stampings and springs as well as AAA passivation of free-machining grades of stainless steel including shafts and machined components used within the marine industry.