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Electric Vehicle Plating Services

Coatings for the Electric Vehicle Market


Advanced Plating Technologies 70+ year background in conductive finishes within various electrical industries including the power transmission & distribution and electronics industries that have set the history/experience for the EV market. From copper underplates to final finishes, Advanced Plating is able to help provide conductive finishes to most electric vehicle components. With a dedicated Engineering and Technical Sales staff APT has the know-how to help provide plating solutions and design support for any EV project.

Nickel Plate Terminal for Electric Vehicle

Finish Capabilities for Electric Vehicle Components

Plating on various copper & copper alloys, aluminum and stainless steel base materials. APT provides Rack, Barrel and Vibratory plating for Electric Vehicle components such as Busbars, Terminals, Pins and more. APT is able to adhere to most company specifications.


Core capabilities in plating of conductive finishes needed within the Electric Vehicle market including

Silver: Silver plays a critical role in EV. Due to the demand for a coating that can pass high current and be exposed to high temps, Silver plating is Vital to the EV market and is a great coating for ultrasonic welding applications. Advanced Plating can Silver Plating Lugs for electric vehicle provide Silver Plating of EV Components to most company specifications.

Electroless nickel: Have Adhesion issues or concerns? APT’s Electroless Nickel provides as a great underplate to help with adhesion. Electroless Nickel is also used to help provide corrosion & erosion protection. Advanced Plating offers both Medium Phosphorus & High Phos options for EV Components.

Nickel: APT provides functional electrolytic nickel for welding & brazing of conductors and terminals for electric vehicles. APT’s functional unbrightened nickel is key for any applications that require welding of nickel plated components. Whether you need the Nickel as a underplate for welding purposes or as a final finish, our team of Engineers and sales staff can work to provide the best suitable option for your project.

Tin: Where soldering is required or low conductivity APT’s Matte Tin Plating is a great option since it is Free of brightners. APT’s Bright Tin plating is also a good fit for any EV components such as bus bars that don’t require any soldering or welding and are in need of selective tin plating. APT offers both bright and matte tin for most company specifications.

Powder Coating: Epoxy powder coating is an efficient and cost effective alternative for coating busbars. Epoxy powder coating bonds directly to the copper, aluminum or silver plated busbar, has a higher operating temperature then plastics and can be used on odd shaped parts and busbars. APT has the ability to provide both turnkey powder coating and plating helping alleviate supply chains.

Engineering design support for developing a finish specific to an Electric Vehicle Application

APT provides Technical Engineering Support for Electric Vehicle projects that require plating. Have an existing project that you are experiencing adhesion or corrosion issues on? APT provides design support and product development with existing applications. With 70+ year experience with conductive coatings, there is no job to difficult. Have a new project that you are in need of Specification recommendations for? APT is happy to provide support when writing a specification for your new project.

Ultrasonic Welded Tab for EV

Ultrasonic Welded Tab for Electric Vehicle


A Few examples of application support:

  • Ultrasonic Welding
  •  Brazing
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Switching & contact cycle life
  • Thermal cycling



Contact a Member  of our Technical Sales Staff with any questions on your upcoming or existing project.