Legends: John Lindstedt Interview

Dive into the remarkable journey of John Lindstedt, the visionary behind Advanced Plating Technologies. Discover how Lindstedt continues to shape the industry and unlock innovative solutions for your engineering needs.

Don’t miss out on this captivating glimpse into the life and legacy of a true industry pioneer. Read the full article now at Plating Magazine and embark on a journey of inspiration and innovation with Advanced Plating Technologies.

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APT’s Justin Koch awarded 40 Under 40: Class of 2023

Justin Koch 40 under 40: Class of 2023 Milwaukee, WI – Each year  Products Finishing, Recognizes 40 metal finishing recipients for the hard work, motivation and passion they bring to our industry. Recipients are chosen based on a variety of curriculum, including leadership and industry involvement. Justin Koch a Manufacturing & Process Engineer with APT was awarded the “40 under 40” award for his hard work and passion for plating. “Justin is a model of engineering the company needs for the next generation, both an asset to APT and the industry.” Says, Matt Lindstedt, President of APT. Justin directly oversees work that requires higher levels of oversight and attention, fully embracing APT’s credo of “boots on the ground” by being on the production floor every day getting his hands dirty.

When asked about what he enjoys about working in the metal finishing industry, Justin says “Refinements in surface finishing and the capabilities made possible by such are what will drive the global electric future. Progress is the fuel that drives us towards success. By setting our sights on what we want to achieve and making steady progress towards our goals, we can create a future that exceeds our wildest dreams.”

Check out the full article on Products Finishing website to learn more.

Advanced Plating set to Expand Gold Capacity

gold plating company expands capacity - Advanced Plating Technologies

Milwaukee, WI – Advanced Plating Technologies will be expanding its gold plating services to fulfill demand from various industries including electronics, medical, and defense sectors.

With the expansion APT will have a 50% increase in hard gold plating capacity. APT will also be improving capacity in high-purity deionized water rinsing and delicate drying techniques to service precision parts within demanding markets. “These increases will make APT one of the largest loose piece gold platers in the country” says Erik Probasco, Plant Manager at APT.

This investment will help APT provide reliable deliveries as well as capacity for future growth in loose piece barrel and rack gold plating for years to come.

If you have an application for gold plating, you can submit a RFQ or contact one of our certified finishing engineers to discuss your specific project further.

Gold Plated Interconnect Pins Gold Connector

APT Increasing Silver Capacity to Meet Demand

silver plating company

APT Silver Plating line focused on rack silver plating of bus bars, contacts and terminal pins.

Milwaukee, WI  – With the growth of the electric vehicle, electronics, and power industries, Advanced Plating will be commissioning a third commercial silver plating line focused on providing rack semi-bright and bright silver plating. This line is engineered specifically for plating of bus bars, contacts, and terminal pins used within these various industries.

Once completed this additional line will increase APT’s silver capacity by 50% and will firmly establish APT as one of the largest loose-piece silver platers in the country. We couldn’t be more excited about the new technologies we are incorporating into this line and the additional capacity it will offer our customers.” Says Matt Lindstedt, President of APT.

The additional silver line will offer a high purity semi-bright and bright silver and will include a copper and nickel underplates to help service most specifications including QQ-S-365 and ASTM B733. In addition, various anti-tarnish systems will be available including multiple thiol based Evabrite and Tarniban options.

If you have an application for silver plating, you can submit a RFQ or contact one of our certified finishing engineers to discuss your specific project further.

Semi Bright Silver Contacts Silver Plated Bus Bars

APT Employee Health & Wellness Program

In a move to promote employee health and wellness, APT has partnered with Ascent Wellness Gym to provide free gym memberships to all APT employees. This partnership is a part of APT’s efforts to prioritize the well-being of its employees and ensure that they have access to resources that promote a healthy lifestyle.

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Under this partnership, APT will pay for the gym membership of all employees who use it for four or more times in a month. The membership is granted through an RFID card that provides 24-hour access to the gym, allowing employees to work out at their convenience. The gym is equipped with full free weights, cardio, and plyometric equipment to cater to the diverse fitness needs of employees.

The partnership with Ascent Wellness Gym is a testament to APT’s commitment to creating a healthy and positive work environment. By providing free access to a gym, APT is investing in the long-term well-being of its employees, and encouraging them to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

Advanced Plating Technologies to Exhibit at 2023 Shot Show

Milwaukee, WI December 27th, 2022 – Advanced Plating Technologies is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting for the 20th consecutive year at the SHOT Show this January 17 – 20 at Booth # 13929 in the Venetion Expo and hope you can make it there as well.

We will have our engineered coatings for casings, projectiles, firearm and optic components to show off so you can see it all in person. This is your chance to experience it all and talk to one of our team members face to face. The SHOT Show is the only event where businesses focused on shooting sports, hunting, law enforcement and armed forces industries gather in one place. We’ll be at the SHOT Show to answer questions on our advanced coatings and how they can be used to enhance your current components.

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APT to Exhibit at 2022 Battery Show & EV Tech Expo

Milwaukee, WI August 2nd, 2022 – We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be participating at The Battery Show and EV Tech Expo in Novi, Michigan at the Suburban Collection Showplace September 13th – 15th , 2022. The EV market is our fastest growing sector within our core metal finishing services including barrel and rack loose-piece plating in silver, nickel, electroless nickel, tin and tin/lead.

Established in 1948, Advanced Plating Technologies (APT) has a long history of providing conductive coatings used primarily within the power transmission and distribution industry within the greater Milwaukee/Chicago region.  For this reason, our core capabilities have been in coating of loose-piece parts that facilitate the transfer and connections of electrical power.  Whether it’s a gold plating a micro-pin to transfer a millivolt signal or silver plating contacts within high voltage switchgear – we know coatings that transfer electrons!

Advanced Plating is able to help provide conductive finishes to most electric vehicle components. With a dedicated Engineering and Technical Sales staff APT has the know-how to help provide plating solutions and design support for any EV project. Check our our plating capabilities for the Electric Vehicle Industry to learn more.

Visit us at Booth #3305, September 13-15 to learn more about our engineered solutions for electric vehicle components.

APT Advertising Proposal

APT is excited to announce the launch of it’s 2022 Firearm & Ammo Finishes Advertising Proposal for all existing and new customers.

  • Order Discounts
  • Backlink from APT Website
  • Case Study Piece
  • Post on Social Media Outlets

    Download 2022 APT Advertising Proposal

Advanced Plating Technologies will provide a 10% credit on all orders through 2022 or 12 Month term for the implementation of APT’s proprietary finish names in marketing material, packaging of products in print &digital marketing materials. The credit will be able to be used on future services. APT will also include a link to your company website from APT site and create a case study along with social posts geared towards your company and its product.

Marketing Material must be supplied to APT for review to receive the 10% discount. Advanced Plating Technologies to credit total sales with 10% at Year-end. 

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APT Truck Service helps Eliminate Supply Chain Hurdles

Have Supply Chain Challenges?

In today’s manufacturing market, supply chain managers and purchasing agents are challenged to create more effective supply chain methods. With the increase in manufacturing, Advanced Plating Truck Service freight costs and operating costs, strains on supply chains are growing, and business are now being tasked to find reliable companies they can work with.

To help alleviate those strains, APT now provides full-service turn-key plating, powder coating and delivery services to businesses throughout the Chicagoland and Southeast Wisconsin areas.

Reduce Supply Chain Lead Time

With a regional truck and turn-key abilities in plating, powder coating & logistics, Advanced Plating Tech can help reduce your supply chain lead time. APT’s truck makes weekly trips throughout the Chicagoland and Southeast Wisconsin region and can take on full size skids for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a third-party logistics company.

APT also recently increased capacity in main finishes such as Electroless Nickel, Gold Plating and Silver Plating to help provide competitive pricing. With these values adds, APT can help reduce lead time, costs and provide excellent customer service to help alleviate any supply chain challenges your company may have.

Have Questions or Want to Learn More? Give us a call at (414) 271-8138 or contact a member of our Sales Team for more information.

Ducta-bright 7a® Nickel Selected for BPSIS Ammunition

Ducta-bright 7a® Nickel is the cornerstone finish within APT’s family of ammunition and firearm finishes.  It was developed in 2010 in response to growing demands within the self-defense ammunition market for a ductile, bright nickel process that could reliably withstand the extreme stress that occurs when casings are loaded and fired repeatedly.  Traditional bright nickel systems have organic brighteners added which increase the stress in the deposit.  This results in a finish that can often crack or flake during loading and/or firing.

Ducta-bright 7a® was developed in response to this in a year-long R&D project at APT.  The goal was to create a ductile and bright nickel deposit that would be optimized for the most aggressive ammunition applications.  Of the 40 process variants that were developed and tested, group A within Lot 7 produced the best combination giving the process its signature name.

Figure 1: Ducta-bright 7a® withstands the extreme crimp of the Lehigh BPSIS Casing.


Recently Dave Fricke, President of Lehigh Defense, approached APT with a challenge for his new BPSIS (Black Powder Substitute Ignition System) casings.  Dave needed a coating that would withstand the extremely aggressive star crimp at the case mouth without flaking.  To say the crimp is aggressive is putting it lightly….the casing mouth is essentially turned into modern art through a dramatic crimp/fold process.


APT Engineering recommended Ducta-bright 7a® nickel for the application and the results illustrate how truly durable the deposit is.  The nickel finish remained fully adherent and did not crack or flake even despite the brass itself beginning to craze due to the extreme yielding of the crimp process.

Dave who was doubtful if he would find a finish suitable for the BPSIS was thrilled, “I was pessimistic about finding a finish for the BPSIS application.  Ducta-bright 7a® performed flawlessly providing a bright and durable nickel that will help ensure our rifle performs when it counts.”  Lehigh Defense is known for innovation in projectiles and firearm applications.

The use of Ducta-bright 7a® for the BPSIS system represents a great example of surface engineering innovation in partnership with Advanced Plating Technologies.  Visit Lehigh Defense for more information on the Black Powder Substitute Ignition System.


Want to learn more about APT’s Ducta-bright 7a®? Contact a member of our Technical Team to get more information.