Powder Coating Chicago

Powder Coating Chicago

Chicago Powder Coating
Powder Coating Services Chicago

Powder coating is one of the most popular ways to coat metal components with a durable and protective finish. Advanced Plating Technologies offers powder coating in Chicago and surrounding regions providing full-service powder coating services combined with regional pickup and delivery services on a weekly truck route.

Advanced Plating Technologies has been at the forefront of powder coating for decades being one of the first powder coating companies in the Chicago, Illinois. Since 1982, our powder coating finishes have found their way into various industrial applications.

Get in touch with us for powder coating in Chicago, and take advantage of the following:

  • Full Service – A diverse range of powder coating services including high cleanliness or cosmetic applications as well as coating of any color, texture and resin type including clear coats Powder Coating in Chicago
  • Selective Coating – Masking and selective powder coating through a variety of methods including custom-molded and 3D printed masks, stock silicon masks, tapes, liquid masks die cut masks and custom engineered fixturing/shields
  • Pretreatment – A range of pretreatment options including aqueous and solvent cleaning, sand blasting, chromating or anodizing of aluminum and phosphating of steel as a pretreatment
  • Plating + Painting – Both plating services and powder coating services are provided under one roof including painting of silver, tin, nickel and even gold plated components
  • Quality – APT holds both an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 certifications for finishing of demanding applications including medical devices

Chicago Powder Coating

Powder coating offers several advantages over traditional wet-spray paint finishes. Powder coating covers metallic surfaces with a coating commonly 5-10x the coating thickness of traditional wet applied paints. The powder coat paint is thermally cured to form a very durable physical bond with the substrate, ensuring outstanding adhesion. Advanced Plating Technologies can help engineer the ideal pretreatment for your application including blasting, degreasing, chromating or phosphating as required to ensure corrosion resistance requirements are met.

In addition to providing powder coating to Chicago companies, APT offers a full line of plating services. Advanced Plating specializes in conductive coatings including silver, tin and nickel plating making powder coating an excellent option to provide insulating surfaces on conductively plated parts. As an innovator of plating technology and applications in Chicago and Wisconsin, we can provide both services. As a result, lead times are greatly reduced by offering both services under one roof.

Experience the benefits of working with a company that has nearly forty years of experience in providing Chicago Powder Coating. Our technical sales staff can help with engineering a process with the proper surface pretreatment, conversion coatings and final finish to meet even the most demanding applications.

Selective Powder Coating in Chicago

Powder coating commonly builds a coating thickness between 0.002 to 0.006 inches per side. As such, tight tolerance features, mating surfaces and threaded components often need to be masked prior to powder coating. Selective powder coating ensures the precision application of powder coating only on the surfaces where the design requires.

Advanced Plating Technologies excels at selective powder coating through a variety of methods. Custom engineered masks are designed by our engineering department and can be rapid prototyped through 3D printing. High volume masks are molded in silicon for production applications. APT also uses a variety of stock masking options including various tapes, liquid masks. Custom die cutting of masks to specific part shapes can be provided from various tape and kraft or chip-board materials.

APT also builds all powder coating fixturing in-house and can incorporate shielding features into custom fixtures to provide selective powder coating without having to apply an individual mask. This can provide very cost effective selective powder coating for applications that do not require a razor-sharp interface between the painted and unpainted surfaces.

With nearly 40 years of experience, our trained powder coating technicians and team of engineers help provide the best quality and precision required for your selective powder coating needs.

Give Your Surfaces and Products the Chicago Powder Coating Advantage

From commercial aluminum extrusions to small medical components, Advanced Plating Technologies can offer powder coating services in Chicago for nearly any application. With over 40-years Advanced Plating Truck Service of powder coating experience APT offers the full service, selective painting, pretreatment and plating services to complement any powder coating application.

For more information you can contact a member of our sales team, ask an engineer a question regarding a specific application or request a quote from our website or via email.