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Mission, Values & Culture

Advanced Plating Technologies Mission Statement

GB3_1906 As a preferred provider of technical metal finishing solutions to OEM firms and their suppliers, our mission is to:

  • Provide expertise in surface engineering and best-value in metal finishing solutions through the integration of people, business systems and technology;
  • Respond to our customers’ needs with reliable deliveries that do not compromise quality;
  • GB3_1807 Continually improve by embracing innovation and change to advance as a company;
  • To provide a fair and dynamic workplace that fosters respect, teamwork, education and opportunity for advancement to our employees;
  • To be a steward of our environment embracing pollution prevention methodologies that meet or exceed all local, state and federal regulations.

Advanced Plating Technologies Values


  • Integrity:  Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.  It is the underpinning value that defines how we interact with each other and our customers.
  • Change:  Successful companies show the ability to change over time to meet the dynamic nature of their customer base, parts processed and new markets that they service.  We will resist the status quo of doing what we’ve always done and rather strive daily to continuously improve the processes, facilities and systems by which we conduct our business.
  • Detail Oriented:  Details are the building blocks of the quality and value-position we are known for in the industry.  The small details in our work centers and daily activities add up to a big difference our customers see and value over our competition.
  • Responsibility:  We take responsibility for our work centers and individual actions.  If the results produced are not the desired outcome, we take initiative to propose or request an alternative action to ensure that that we continuously improve.
  • Teamwork:  Teamwork results in synergy where one plus one is greater than two.  Those who cannot work as a team will be encouraged to work for our competition.  Dynasties are built by teams not by a group of talented individuals.
  • Respect:  We respect our coworkers and customers even when we disagree.  Respect is demonstrated by recognition of achievements and working together to improve upon our shortfalls.  No person in our company regardless of position is considered better than someone else.
  • Work Ethic:  A disciplined work ethic is what separates those who aspire to achieve and those who do.  Hard working people are the cornerstone of our company’s foundation and our employees will be selected because they thrive on it.

Advanced Plating Technologies Culture


Much is said in business today about culture.  Culture is the x-factor that differentiates a thriving business benefiting customers, employees and communities verses a business that can eventually fail.  Culture within any business is rooted not within the “what we do” or “how we do” but rather the why we do what we do.  At Advanced Plating Technologies our culture is founded upon a passion for the metal finishing industry and four generations of hard work to push the technology of metal finishing further.


Periodic Table and Beakers The metal finishing business is one of complex metallurgy and electrochemical interactions.  In addition, the systems used in the industry today are more complex than ever before.  Education is a key tenant of our culture to provide a foundation for our employees to succeed and to reward those who thrive in this environment.

Advanced Plating Technologies has a broad reaching curriculum that is taught to all employees from the newest line hire to the most seasoned supervisor.  The curriculum at APT begins with the basics of electrochemistry founded by Michael Faraday and covers best practices established at APT.  Subjects include.

  • Pretreatment and Best Practices in Pretreatment Chemistry
  • Metal Grades and Metal Grade Identifications
  • Line Layouts, Mechanical and Electrical Systems
  • Line Operation and Maintenance
  • Waste Treatment Systems and Operation
  • Specifications
  • Information Technologies and Networking
  • Quality Systems and Inspection Practices
  • APT job cards and routings
  • Facility Safety and Safety Procedures

Each student has a series of Practical Factors, or tests, that they must complete with help for fellow employees.  As each lesson is completed the employee’s training matrix is updated and the students are challenged to the next level.  This system is built upon our values and works to foster teamwork and growth in each employee.



Chemistry Formulas Blue Advanced Plating Technologies works best with companies in technologically focused industries that have the same desire to provide manufacturing solutions to complex applications and designs.  What we value most in any business relationship is the coupling over 75-years of metal finishing expertise with the specification, design and engineering requirements of our customer’s products.  With any customer we work with it is our sincerest intent to form a mutually beneficial business partnership that will extend for many years to come.