Why Advanced Plating Technologies

Advanced Plating Technologies is an ISO 13485:2016 & 9001:2015 certified job shop that provides engineered solutions in metal finishing across a wide range of industries.  Our diverse catalog of electroplating, passivation and powder coating services paired with a technically proficient sales, engineering, production and quality staff make APT unique. Advanced Plating Technologies

What Sets APT apart?




Diversity of Finishes

Diversity of surface preparation, pretreatments, secondary and primary finishes through inter-line flexibility to empower finishing solutions.  Full polishing, cleaning, passivation, electroplating and powder coating systems available to handle all phases of the metal finish process.

Diversity of Substrates

Plating provided on nearly any metallic substrate including mild steel, stainless steels, hardened steels, tool steels, Inconel, pure nickel, cobalt-chrome (MP35N), Kovar, pure copper, coppers alloys including tellurium & beryllium, brass, nickel-silver, Monel, Hastalloy, aluminum alloys, lead and metalized plastics.

Experts in Specifications 

Certification to all customary industry specifications including ASTM, MIL, SAE or AMS standards in each finish offered.  Each part processed at Advanced Plating Technologies receives a custom part plan verified by Certified Electro Finishers (CEFs) to ensure all specification requirements are documented. Our quality department can develop specific PPAP control plans & FEMA, preplate, in-process and post plate inspections to certify to even the most demanding specifications.  All company-specific specifications are welcomed.

Prototype to High Volumes

Focused manual lines provide flexibility to handle prototype and spot buys during product development and qualification. Automated and high-volume production lines enable competitive pricing and short lead times on large volume production runs.

Selective Finishing

Extensive experience in selective plating and selective powder paintingmethods using standard and proprietary masking methods.  A dedicated engineering department is available to design and test custom die cut and molded masks.

Heavy Build Plating

APT offers extensive heavy build plating capabilities in finishes including electroless nickel, copper, silver, gold, tin, tin/lead and lead plating.  Thicknesses as high as 0.020 inches have been achieved in specific applications.

Delicate Parts

Extensive experience in the proper handling of delicate and micro products used in demanding industries such as medical and interconnect markets.  Proprietary tooling and methods have been developed to properly handle even the most exotic components.

Finishing Technology


Innovative Barrel Methods

State of the art barrel plating techniques including vibratory, oscillatory, compartmentalized, laser perforated, variable speed and Minimum Part Movement (MPM) barrels.  These tools and techniques often enable barrel processing of parts once only considered for rack plating.  Advanced Plating Technologies has a working relationship with Hardwood Line Manufacturing in the ongoing research and development of revolutionary barrel designs that has led to several patented models.

Integrated Process Controls

Fiber-optic SCADA control architecture connects quality, analytical lab and plant supervisors with real-time and historical line processing and analytical information of plating lines, HVAC and waste treatment systems.

Extensive Fixturing

Diverse catalog of existing standardized plating racks for both high and low volume processing enable processing of most production rack plating jobs without custom tooling charges.

Custom Fixturing

Skilled design, prototyping and construction of custom rack plating fixtures if needed that can maximize throughput and minimize overall finishing cost.  Economic payback of less than one year on most custom fixturing is common.

Comprehensive Lab Services

Full in-house analytical and QC laboratory facilities with an array of diagnostic & testing methods including x-ray florescence, OD and ID bore micrometers up to 6”, Sunnen Gauges, coulometric STEP analysis and thickness, beta backscatter, cross-section analysis, adhesion testing to ASTM B571, color spectrophotometer (CIE Lab), surface profilometer, ESM analysis, atomic absorption spectroscopy, high humidity & accelerated corrosion testing to ASTM B117, solderability testing to ASTM A678 and data-paq powder cure analysis.

Commitment to Investment

Utilization of a diversity of modern finishing tools including ultrasonic cleaners and rinses, variable frequency drives, hot deionized water rinses, RoHS compliant chemistries and advanced alloy finishes

Proven Performance

Established track record within the most demanding industries and corporations both nationally and internationally.



Reliable Lead Times

Processing of production orders consistent with quoted lead-time on each order.  Lead times of less than five working days common for many processes.  Expedited deliveries as short as 24-Hrs available upon request.

Finish Prototyping

Expedient samples and finish prototyping with knowledgeable finishing engineers to provide samples consistent with future production runs.

Engineered Packaging

Custom engineered packaging available to customer specifications including custom partitioned boxes and totes, protective film, vacuum-sealed bags and nitrogen backfilled bags.  Packaging can be engineering to extend shelf life of electrical contacts and solderable components.

Inventory Management

JIT and lean inventory management available including Kanban pull-systems of finished goods as required.


Light subassembly of finished products available in connection with custom packaging to meet our customer’s needs.