Why Advanced Plating Technologies

Founded in 1948, Advanced Plating Technologies (APT) is a metal finishing job shop specializing in functional and conductive coatings used within a range of technical industries including the medical, defense, electric vehicle, power transmission/distribution and electronic industries.  Advanced Plating Technologies

What Sets APT apart?

APT’s approach to metal finishing is unique as we are a full-service surface engineering resource to our customers.  Value-Added services we offer include:

 Surface  Engineering Support

New product design and reverse engineering support to optimize coatings for:

  • Soldering, Wire Bonding & Brazing
  • Ultrasonic Welding (USW), Laser & Resistance Welding
  • Corrosion & Wear Resistance
  • Electrical Contact Cycle Life

 Engineering Design/Build Services

In-house engineering department provides:

  • 3D Printing & Part Modeling Capabilities
  • Rapid Prototype Plating Fixtures in 2-3 Days
  • Part-Specific Customized Production Fixtures
  • Custom Masks for Selective Plating

 Quality Deeper than the Surface

Full quality engineering services for including:

  • PPAP, PFMEA & Full Validations (IQ, OQ & PQ)
  • Plating Profiling & Process Capability Analysis (CPK & PPK)
  • Salt Spray Testing, Cross Section, EDX & SEM Analysis

 Exceptional Customer Services

A dedicated customer service team provides full-service support including:

  • APT Trucking within Regional Area
  • Order/Price Confirmations
  • Open Order Reports
  • Expedite & Partial Shipments