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APT Debuts new Eclipse-TPD™ Finish

Eclipse-TPD™: A Premier Low Reflectance Coating for Tactical Ammunition Applications

APT Debuts new Eclipse-TPD™ Finish:

Eclipse-TPD™ (Tactical Performance Defense) is the most advanced low reflectance coating available today for ammunition components. Eclipse-TPD™ provides a smoke-black, matte appearance that is ideal for use where low light reflectivity is a tactical requirement. Eclipse-TPD™ utilizes duplex coating technology with a molecular sealer to offer the highest corrosion performance and lubricity of any ammunition coating available today.


Eclipse-TPD™ can be applied to any basis material including brass, copper, steel and aluminum and will produce a similar finish regardless of the basis material.

The matte, smoke-black color of Eclipse-TPD™ provides a significant tactical advantage by dispersing light within the visible range. There is no other finish today that couples the lubricity and corrosion performance benefits with the low reflectance tactical advantage of Eclipse-TPD™.


Advanced Plating Technologies pioneered the use of duplex coating technology within the ammunition industry with our Techni-crom® and Black-TPD™ processes. Both of these industry-leading finishes utilize alloy topcoats plated over APT’s benchmark Ductabright 7a™ nickel to provide enhanced lubricity and corrosion performance.’

Be sure to stop by booth 15632 if attending SHOT Show to see samples and learn more about the new finish from a member of our Technical Sales Team. Also, view our YouTube channel for additional content leading up to the show!