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APT Increasing Silver Capacity to Meet Demand

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APT Silver Plating line focused on rack silver plating of bus bars, contacts and terminal pins.

Milwaukee, WI  – With the growth of the electric vehicle, electronics, and power industries, Advanced Plating will be commissioning a third commercial silver plating line focused on providing rack semi-bright and bright silver plating. This line is engineered specifically for plating of bus bars, contacts, and terminal pins used within these various industries.

Once completed this additional line will increase APT’s silver capacity by 50% and will firmly establish APT as one of the largest loose-piece silver platers in the country. We couldn’t be more excited about the new technologies we are incorporating into this line and the additional capacity it will offer our customers.” Says Matt Lindstedt, President of APT.

The additional silver line will offer a high purity semi-bright and bright silver and will include a copper and nickel underplates to help service most specifications including QQ-S-365 and ASTM B733. In addition, various anti-tarnish systems will be available including multiple thiol based Evabrite and Tarniban options.

If you have an application for silver plating, you can submit a RFQ or contact one of our certified finishing engineers to discuss your specific project further.

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