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APT Now Offers Full Bright Silver in Barrel & Rack

Bright Silver Plating Advanced Plating Technologies is excited to bring yet another engineered solution in metal finishing: 99.9% pure, bright silver plating available in barrel and rack methods. Until recently, a bright silver of this ultra-high purity was not commercially available.  With traditional organic brightened silver baths, the organic brighteners co-deposit with the silver resulting in a reduction in silver purity.  APT’s high-purity, bright silver process provides a fine-grained, lustrous silver deposit that is hard, wear resistant and maintains the full conductivity of 99.9% pure silver.  APT’s new bright silver finish is complies with ASTM B700 Type 1, 2 or 3, Grade B, Class N or S as well as QQ-S-365, Type III, Grade A or B.  APT’s bright silver plating provides brilliant cosmetic appeal with outstanding electrical and wear properties for industries including the power transmission & distribution, telecommunications, electrical interconnect, aerospace, medical and automotive industries.

In addition, APT is adding capacity in silver plating with the on-going construction of a new barrel silver plating line.  This line has been engineered to accommodate high volume barrel silver plating in bright, semi-bright and matte silver plating and will provide both copper and nickel underplates.  The new line will be completed mid-year 2019 and will ensure that APT maintains both the capacity and competitive lead times to service our customer base.  The addition of this new barrel silver line will allow for increased capacity and reduced lead times in APT’s current core business of rack silver plating services.

If you have an interest in APT’s fully bright silver plating, you can submit a RFQ or contact one of our certified finishing engineers to learn more about this new technology.