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New Waste Water Treatment Sytem Goes Live

Waste Water Treatment

June 16, 2016 –Advanced Plating Technologies has completed and launched a brand new, state of the art waste treatment system that is 6x more productive than the previous system which was built in 1985 during the construction of APT’s Vilet Street facility. The largest capital investment in the history of the company was overseen by President John Lindstedt and Facility Manager Doug Winslow and took approximately two years to complete with the help of CP Conway Plumbing and other local and country wide vendors. This investment shows APT’s commitment to to continuing to adhere to regulations as metal finishing is one of the most highly regulated industries due to chemicals that are used in the processes. The implementation of the new waste water treatment system allows APT to safely remove chemicals from the water and reach a safe PH balance before it being released into the Milwaukee sewer system. Advanced Plating Technologies looks forward to the new opportunities that this system will bring.

Please watch the video below for an interactive tour and breakdown of our new waste water treatment system by company President John Lindstedt:

Some of the highlight features include:

  • Latest in Control Technology – HMI & SCADA Systems
    • Fiber optic system connects all three buildings for supervisory control and data acquisition
Waste Water Treatment SCADA

SCADA Screenshot

  • Running Capacity of 150 Gallons/Minute
  • Plumbing runs through alley way to connect two operating plants (Vilet Street and 4th Street)
    • Allows for additional future expansion in plating operations
  • Underscores APT’s commitment to environmental stewardship. From APT Mission Statement: “To be a steward of our environment embracing pollution prevention methodologies that meets or exceeds all local, state and federal regulations.”

For more information on our Waste Water Treatment System please visit our Environmental Stewardship page or give us a call at 414-271-8138.