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APT Employee Health & Wellness Program

In a move to promote employee health and wellness, APT has partnered with Ascent Wellness Gym to provide free gym memberships to all APT employees. This partnership is a part of APT’s efforts to prioritize the well-being of its employees and ensure that they have access to resources that promote a healthy lifestyle.

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Under this partnership, APT will pay for the gym membership of all employees who use it for four or more times in a month. The membership is granted through an RFID card that provides 24-hour access to the gym, allowing employees to work out at their convenience. The gym is equipped with full free weights, cardio, and plyometric equipment to cater to the diverse fitness needs of employees.

The partnership with Ascent Wellness Gym is a testament to APT’s commitment to creating a healthy and positive work environment. By providing free access to a gym, APT is investing in the long-term well-being of its employees, and encouraging them to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.