Advanced Plating Technologies Rolls out New Recruiting Plan

APT Looks to Recruiting for Continued Growth

APT Recruiting

Career Opportunities at APT

Advanced Plating Technologies is excited to announce a brand new employee recruiting plan which is set to be in full operation by 2017. The recruiting plan focuses in on partnering with local high schools and tech colleges in the Milwaukee area to give students real world experience within the manufacturing industry, attending career fairs and marketing the company as an excellent career opportunity through emphasis of benefits and career progression. One of the main emphases APT looks to have on the program is to let young adults know that there are options besides the traditional college route that has been the overwhelming message for many years. “There is a wealth of students that do not want to attend a traditional 4-year college after high school, I am confident that APT can provide excellent resources to these individuals that would rather jump into the workforce and start a career immediately”, said Sales & Marketing Associate Scott Benson.

The company has excellent resources to train and develop employees with little to no experience – with 2 Master Surface Finishers and a staff full of Certified Electrofinishers ready and willing to develop those with a drive and hard work ethic. “Electroplating is one of the overlooked steps in manufacturing, yet it is so crucial to the majority of applications. It is our goal to find workers who have an interest in learning something new”, said company president John Lindstedt, MSF. The overall goal for this project is to attract employees who want to start a meaningful career, coupling this with the excellent benefits and career path opportunities, APT feels that employees can set themselves up to have great success. Even with this program just getting started, there are still multiple positions available today for immediate hire. You can view our job listings and visit our Career Opportunities page to see what is available.

If you would like to learn more about the program in specifics or have interest in joining, partnering or recruiting with Advanced Plating Technologies, please give us a call at 414-271-8138.




Chemical and Environmental & Customer Service Manager named MSF & CEF

John Tinder named Master Surface Finisher (MSF)

Advanced Plating Technologies is proud to announce  that Chemical & Environmental Systems Manager John Tinder has been named a Master Surface Finisher (MSF). The MSF certificate is the highest level of metal electroplating mastery awarded by the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF). The NASF is the industry standard and voice of surface finishing companies.  John Tinder now joins John Lindstedt as the two MSF certification holders at APT. In addition, Customer Service Manager Salina Winslow has been awarded the CEF.

The organization represents the interests of businesses and professionals within the industry. The NASF also certifies individuals within the surface finishing industry and awards them certificates of various levels called a Certified Electrofinisher (CEF). The CEF title is obtained after taking courses and passing exams on various surface finishing topics. Advanced Plating Technologies is proud to have 9 CEF’s on staff – these individuals are those working the lines and those working in the office. “We are proud to have a diverse selection of CEF’s in our office. Whether it be a line operator in the plant, our engineers, or a customer service representative, we want all of our employees to have the knowledge and understanding of our business”, said company President and MSF John Lindstedt.

Advanced Plating TecNASF MSF Logohnologies looks forward to having additional employees complete the program. New training procedures and opportunities for growth within the company are becoming a cornerstone for both seasoned and new employees.  “As a company, we will continue to have our employees trained and be certified by the NASF to become CEF’s. As we continue to grow and get better, we want our customers to know that when you come to APT, you are getting the best in the industry” added Technical Sales Manager and CEF 5 Matt Lindstedt.

If you would like to know more about the NASF or CEF/MSF requirements please visit the NASF website.

New Waste Water Treatment Sytem Goes Live

Waste Water Treatment

June 16, 2016 –Advanced Plating Technologies has completed and launched a brand new, state of the art waste treatment system that is 6x more productive than the previous system which was built in 1985 during the construction of APT’s Vilet Street facility. The largest capital investment in the history of the company was overseen by President John Lindstedt and Facility Manager Doug Winslow and took approximately two years to complete with the help of CP Conway Plumbing and other local and country wide vendors. This investment shows APT’s commitment to to continuing to adhere to regulations as metal finishing is one of the most highly regulated industries due to chemicals that are used in the processes. The implementation of the new waste water treatment system allows APT to safely remove chemicals from the water and reach a safe PH balance before it being released into the Milwaukee sewer system. Advanced Plating Technologies looks forward to the new opportunities that this system will bring.

Please watch the video below for an interactive tour and breakdown of our new waste water treatment system by company President John Lindstedt:

Some of the highlight features include:

  • Latest in Control Technology – HMI & SCADA Systems
    • Fiber optic system connects all three buildings for supervisory control and data acquisition
Waste Water Treatment SCADA

SCADA Screenshot

  • Running Capacity of 150 Gallons/Minute
  • Plumbing runs through alley way to connect two operating plants (Vilet Street and 4th Street)
    • Allows for additional future expansion in plating operations
  • Underscores APT’s commitment to environmental stewardship. From APT Mission Statement: “To be a steward of our environment embracing pollution prevention methodologies that meets or exceeds all local, state and federal regulations.”

For more information on our Waste Water Treatment System please visit our Environmental Stewardship page or give us a call at 414-271-8138.




APT To Exhibit at IEEE May 2-5 in Dallas, TX

Advanced Plating Technologies to Exhibit at IEEE Trade Show May 2-5 in Dallas, TX

Advanced Plating Technologies will travel to Dallas, TX in May for the IEEE/PES Transmission & Distribution Trade Show. APT will be exhibiting in booth 3315 at the Dallas Convention Center alongside more than 700 companies.

“I am thrilled to be exhibiting for the third consecutive IEEE conference to showcase our core plating & powder coating capabilities within the PT&D market” Said Technical Sales Manager, Matt Lindstedt.  “Advanced Plating has serviced the PT&D market since the 1940’s and continue to expand our core capabilities in matte and bright tin, high purity and semibright silver as well as electroless and electrolytic nickel plating services.  What’s more is due to our long-history in the industry, we can provide surface engineering solutions to existing corrosion, conductivity, surface wear and brazing issues that engineers within the industry may have.”



Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube for updates leading to the show. Stop by our website often and for general show information visit the IEEE website.

Fast Facts:

What: IEEE/PES T&D Trade Show

When: May 2-5, 2016

Booth: 3315

Where: Dallas Convention Center

650 S. Griffin Street

Dallas, TX


Products Finishing names APT 2016 ‘Top Shop’

Industry leading publication, Products Finishing Magazine, has named Advanced Plating Technologies a 2016 ‘Top Shop’ in electroplating.  Products Finishing conducts a survey each year for both electroplating and powder coating and names the top 50 shops in each respective category. Advanced Plating Technologies was a ‘Top Shop’ in 2015 for both electroplating and powder coating. This award is given based upon the following 4 criteria:

  • Current Finishing Technology
  • Finishing Practices and Performances
  • Business Strategies and Performance
  • Training and Human Resources. Web_TS_Logo

“This is the second year that Tim Pennington and Products Finishing have conducted their benchmark survey,” said Technical Sales Manager, Matt Lindstedt. “We want to thank everyone at Products Finishing for naming Advanced Plating Technologies as a ‘Top Shop’ for the second year in a row. We greatly appreciate them recognizing us as an elite metal finishing shop in the United States and look forward to the release of the 2016 ‘Top Shop’ list for powder coating.”


Watch the video below for a special message from President John Lindstedt and Technical Sales Manager Matt Lindstedt on the award:


APT Debuts new Eclipse-TPD™ Finish

Eclipse-TPD™: A Premier Low Reflectance Coating for Tactical Ammunition Applications

APT Debuts new Eclipse-TPD™ Finish:

Eclipse-TPD™ (Tactical Performance Defense) is the most advanced low reflectance coating available today for ammunition components. Eclipse-TPD™ provides a smoke-black, matte appearance that is ideal for use where low light reflectivity is a tactical requirement. Eclipse-TPD™ utilizes duplex coating technology with a molecular sealer to offer the highest corrosion performance and lubricity of any ammunition coating available today.


Eclipse-TPD™ can be applied to any basis material including brass, copper, steel and aluminum and will produce a similar finish regardless of the basis material.

The matte, smoke-black color of Eclipse-TPD™ provides a significant tactical advantage by dispersing light within the visible range. There is no other finish today that couples the lubricity and corrosion performance benefits with the low reflectance tactical advantage of Eclipse-TPD™.


Advanced Plating Technologies pioneered the use of duplex coating technology within the ammunition industry with our Techni-crom® and Black-TPD™ processes. Both of these industry-leading finishes utilize alloy topcoats plated over APT’s benchmark Ductabright 7a™ nickel to provide enhanced lubricity and corrosion performance.’

Be sure to stop by booth 15632 if attending SHOT Show to see samples and learn more about the new finish from a member of our Technical Sales Team. Also, view our YouTube channel for additional content leading up to the show!

APT Adds Two New Members to the Company

Advanced Plating Technologies welcomes two new members to the team. Scott Benson will serve as the Sales & Marketing Associate and Lori Jo Kaczmarek will be responsible for Accounts Receivable and Customer Service support.

Scott graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a B.B.A. degree in Marketing. As Sales & Marketing Associate, Scott is responsible for sales inquiries, account applications, price confirmations, invoicing questions, and daily marketing activities like trade show planning, social media management, and blog content. Scott brings the latest marketing trends to Advanced Plating Technologies and looks forward to helping the company expand. Outside of the office, Scott enjoys staying active by exercising, riding his motorcycle, and playing the guitar. In the summer, he enjoys traveling to northern Wisconsin and spending time with family and friends.

Lori Jo holds an Associate’s degree in Accounting from MATC – Milwaukee and will be primarily responsible for accounts receivable; however, she will also be helping out in the Customer Service department. Her other responsibilities include billing inquiries and order status updates. Lori Jo is excited to join the APT team and looks forward to growing with the company. Outside of work, Lori Jo enjoys riding her Harley and is in a motorcycle organization called, ‘Guardians of the Children’. The organization’s platform is used to educate the public about child abuse prevention and to help child abuse victims.

Customer Service Associate, Lori Jo



Advanced Plating Technologies Ranks Among Top Fifty US Finishing Shops in 2015

Product Finishing Top Plating Shops AwardAdvanced Plating Technologies has been recognized as one of the best finishing shops in the United States by Products Finishing Magazine. Fifty finishing shops achieved this designation based upon 4 areas of criteria measured in Products Finishing’s industry benchmarking survey:

  • Current finishing technology
  • Finishing practices and performances
  • Business strategies and performances
  • Training and human resources

Significant statistical advantages of lead times, scrap and utilization were shared by the top shops as compared to several hundred North American plating operations that did not achieve the top fifty cut.

Complete details may be found at 2015 Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey.

Advanced Plating Technologies to Exhibit at 2015 SHOT Show

Advanced Plating Technologies will be exhibiting in booth 1009 at the 2015 SHOT show (Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade show) in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 20th through the 23rd.

SHOT Show 2015


“We couldn’t be more excited to return for the twelfth consecutive year to the SHOT show,” says company President John Lindstedt.  “APT has continued to develop engineered coating technologies specific to the ammunition and firearm industries including our Black-TPD, Techni-crom and Ducta-bright 7a Nickel finishes.  In addition, we invested heavily in automation and processing capacity in 2014 to offer our premium processes in high volume and at competitive prices for today’s critical self defense, carry and law enforcement applications.”

We invite you to learn more about Advanced Plating Technologies’ range of coatings used in the ammunition and firearm markets within this site including more on our Techni-crom, Ducta-bright 7a Nickel and heavy build copper plating of projectiles.  

Advanced Plating Technologies has a very busy show schedule in 2015.  Stay tuned for future updates on upcoming exhibits.

APT Featured in Products Finishing Trade Publication

Advanced Plating Technologies is featured in an article produced by industry source Products Finishing.  Making the Medical Grade for Gold Plating details the challenges and impacts of meeting the demanding finishing requirements of gold plating sub-miniature and micro parts used in medical applications. Article highlights include Advanced Plating Technologies‘ stringent process, tooling, and inspection requirements that enable consistent production of parts meeting the finish specifications of the medical, electronic and telecommunications industries.

Products Finishing Logo

Image of 99.9% Pure Soft Gold Plated Interconnect Sleeves

99.9% Pure Soft Gold Plated Interconnect Sleeves