Silver Plating Services per AMS (SAE) AMS 2410K

silver electrolytic plating Thank you for visiting the Advanced Plating Technologies Specification Database. Below is a technical summary of specification AMS 2410K from AMS (SAE) for Silver. For more information on our full line of Silver services please visit our silver plating services page. You can also request a quote or contact a member of our technical sales team for more information.

Revision: K
Finish: Silver
Company: AMS (SAE)
Application: silver, as plated, shall be not less than 99.9% pure, determined by a method acceptable to the cognizant engineering organization.
Appearance: Varies
Plate Thickness: per 3.4.1 – Thickness of silver shall be as specified on the drawing, determined on representative parts or on test specimens as in 4.3.3 in accordance with any of the following methods as applicable: ASTM B487, ASTM B499, ASTM B504, ASTM E376, or other method acceptable to the cognizant organization. per Where silver flash only is specified, plate thickness shall be approximately 0.0001 inch (2.5um).
Strike Thickness: Nickel strike followed by 0.0001″ maximum silver flash
Notes: Section 3.3.2 outlines a high temperature bake requirement as follows: Except as specified herein, all parts, except nuts, shall be heated to 935 to 965F (502 to 518 C) after plating, rinsing, and drying and held at heat for 20 to 60 minutes. Heat up and cool down times should be minimized to prevent undesirable changes in the coating or substrate, e.g., oxidation or diffusional changes. Dwell times at 400F shall note exceed 7 hours during the heating and cooling thermal cycle. Above 400F, the heating and cooling medium shall be a neutral or reducing atmosphere (except that hydrogen shall not be used) or shall be a neutral or nonoxidizing molten salt bath. If such heating would lower hardness or properties of parts below drawing limits or otherwise deleteriously affect the parts, heating shall be at the highest practicable temperature that will maintain specified properties. Heat of nuts is not required. When this thermal treatment starts within four hours after the parts have been removed from the plating bath, hydrogen embrittlement relief in accordance with 3.3.1 is not required.

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