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APT Responds to Covid-19

APT Responds to COVID-19 with Increase In Medical Metal Finishing Services

Gold Plating of Medical Devices

There are many questions and lots of uncertainty with COVID-19. Advanced Plating Technologies will remain open during this time as an essential business. APT provides services to critical industries such as medical, defense, automotive & power transmission. Advanced Plating Technologies offers a range of plated medical device coatings to improve biocompatibility as well as enhance the hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance or lubricity of a medical device. APT has been providing gold, tin, electroless nickel, nickel, passivation and powder coating for a variety of medical devices for a number of OEMs like G.E. Healthcare, Medtronic, W.L. Gore, 3M, Stryker:

  • Gold plating of electrical contacts, forceps, arthroscopic & endoscopic components for biocompatibility and scanning components for high temperature join-ability
  • Passivation of catheter eyelets, arthroscopic & endoscopic tools, titanium & cobalt-chrome implants and medical device springs and wire forms for corrosion resistance
  • Tin, electroless nickel and high purity nickel coatings on anesthesia delivery components, laryngoscope handles, radiation focus plates, radiation lead and tungsten shielding, and scanning components for joinability
  • Powder coating of stethoscope chest pieces, radiological vessels, component tool kits and various structural and device housing components
Medical Device Plating

Medical Device Plating

As an ISO 13485:2016 certified company, Advanced Plating Technologies recognizes the responsibility to exceed standards and expectations. APT looks forward to continuing to help our customers continue to make life saving equipment all while striving to keep our employees safe & healthy during this difficult time. A full press release was sent our to our customers and can be downloaded at the bottom of this post. APT will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

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