News Events » APT Selected as Beta Test Site for new TriRinse℠ System

APT Selected as Beta Test Site for new TriRinse℠ System

Beta Testing for TriRinse℠ Set to Begin

Advanced Plating Technologies is proud to announce that the company has been selected to beta test Hardwood Line Manufacturing’s new TriRinse℠ System. The company will be installing the tank on one plating line. This announcement comes on the heels of the 2017 NASF SUR/FIN show in Atlanta where Hardwood Line showcased the new system.


The rinsing process is essential in metal finishing avoiding the carryover of chemicals from one bath to the next during the plating process. Fresh water is used to ensure that the parts are free from chemistry prior to entering the next bath. The TriRinse℠ system utilizes a triple rinse in one tank and focuses in on multiple factors of the rinse cycles:  Greater rinsing efficiency, less line length by limiting the amount of tanks and tools needed, and the cornerstone of metal finishing – waste treatment. The TriRinse℠ system will ultimately have greater efficiency in water usage resulting in less wastewater that would have needed to be treated. “Our company invested the largest amount of money in company history with a new waste treatment system that was completed in 2016. With that being said, our company is very aware of the environmental impact that surface finishing can have. The new TriRinse℠ is an exciting and beneficial tool for the surface finishing industry and we are excited to be the shop that will have it installed on one of our lines”, said company President John Lindstedt. Advanced Plating Technologies and Hardwood Line Manufacturing will be reviewing baseline data prior to installation to compare to the results from the TriRinse℠ system both during the testing as well as after the testing is complete.

For additional information on Hardwood Line’s new TriRinse℠ technology, please visit their website or click here to download a PDF version of the process.