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Chemical and Environmental & Customer Service Manager named MSF & CEF

John Tinder named Master Surface Finisher (MSF)

Advanced Plating Technologies is proud to announce  that Chemical & Environmental Systems Manager John Tinder has been named a Master Surface Finisher (MSF). The MSF certificate is the highest level of metal electroplating mastery awarded by the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF). The NASF is the industry standard and voice of surface finishing companies.  John Tinder now joins John Lindstedt as the two MSF certification holders at APT. In addition, Customer Service Manager Salina Winslow has been awarded the CEF.

The organization represents the interests of businesses and professionals within the industry. The NASF also certifies individuals within the surface finishing industry and awards them certificates of various levels called a Certified Electrofinisher (CEF). The CEF title is obtained after taking courses and passing exams on various surface finishing topics. Advanced Plating Technologies is proud to have 9 CEF’s on staff – these individuals are those working the lines and those working in the office. “We are proud to have a diverse selection of CEF’s in our office. Whether it be a line operator in the plant, our engineers, or a customer service representative, we want all of our employees to have the knowledge and understanding of our business”, said company President and MSF John Lindstedt.

Advanced Plating Tec NASF MSF Logo hnologies looks forward to having additional employees complete the program. New training procedures and opportunities for growth within the company are becoming a cornerstone for both seasoned and new employees.  “As a company, we will continue to have our employees trained and be certified by the NASF to become CEF’s. As we continue to grow and get better, we want our customers to know that when you come to APT, you are getting the best in the industry” added Technical Sales Manager and CEF 5 Matt Lindstedt.

If you would like to know more about the NASF or CEF/MSF requirements please visit the NASF website.