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Advanced Plating Technologies Rolls out New Recruiting Plan

APT Looks to Recruiting for Continued Growth

APT Recruiting

Career Opportunities at APT

Advanced Plating Technologies is excited to announce a brand new employee recruiting plan which is set to be in full operation by 2017. The recruiting plan focuses in on partnering with local high schools and tech colleges in the Milwaukee area to give students real world experience within the manufacturing industry, attending career fairs and marketing the company as an excellent career opportunity through emphasis of benefits and career progression. One of the main emphases APT looks to have on the program is to let young adults know that there are options besides the traditional college route that has been the overwhelming message for many years. “There is a wealth of students that do not want to attend a traditional 4-year college after high school, I am confident that APT can provide excellent resources to these individuals that would rather jump into the workforce and start a career immediately”, said Sales & Marketing Associate Scott Benson.

The company has excellent resources to train and develop employees with little to no experience – with 2 Master Surface Finishers and a staff full of Certified Electrofinishers ready and willing to develop those with a drive and hard work ethic. “Electroplating is one of the overlooked steps in manufacturing, yet it is so crucial to the majority of applications. It is our goal to find workers who have an interest in learning something new”, said company president John Lindstedt, MSF. The overall goal for this project is to attract employees who want to start a meaningful career, coupling this with the excellent benefits and career path opportunities, APT feels that employees can set themselves up to have great success. Even with this program just getting started, there are still multiple positions available today for immediate hire. You can view our job listings and visit our Career Opportunities page to see what is available.

If you would like to learn more about the program in specifics or have interest in joining, partnering or recruiting with Advanced Plating Technologies, please give us a call at 414-271-8138.