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Why should I use gold or silver on my contact system?

Precious Metals for a Contact System

The use of precious metals (gold, silver, palladium) on electrical circuits makes use of the superior electrical properties of this group. These electrical and thermal properties, coupled with the innate corrosion resistance of the precious group, provide a combination that is unsurpassed in electrical design and requirements.  In addition, since precious metals do not form oxides under normal conditions, the conductivity of the contact interface will remain constant over time from of an insulating oxide barrier.  This is especially critical in low voltage and amperage applications of the telecommunication and interconnect industries.

No other deposits will perform as consistently or reliably as gold plating services and silver plating services in electronic circuits and power distribution networks. The deposits also have the added characteristics of inherent lubricity, solderability and thermal conductivity to further enhance the functionality of the contact system.

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Gold Plated Interconnect Pins