Gold Plating Chicago, Illinois

Gold Plating Chicago, Illinois

Gold Plating Chicago, Illinois

gold plating chicago illinois

Gold Plating Chicago, IL – Advanced Plating Technologies, located in the greater Chicago, Illinois area, provides gold plating services in both 99.7% pure “hard” gold and 99.9% pure soft gold electrodeposits.  Our company provides “loose piece” barrel, rack and vibratory gold plating services for various industries within the Chicago, Illinois area including interconnect/telecom, microelectronics, medical, defense and oil and gas industries.

Hard gold plating services are often used in applications where repeated sliding or connection wear occurs, such as in female to male interconnect pins or sprung contacts.  Our company offers hard gold plating that is alloyed with a small amount of cobalt to achieve a hardened gold deposit with improved wear and sliding contact characteristics.  Hard gold plating services can be coupled with a soft gold underplate to provide a duplex-gold deposit that offers the same surface characteristics of hard gold with improved corrosion resistance over a comparable single-layer hard gold deposit.

Soft gold plating services are commonly used where the highest of gold purity is required such as wire bonding, biocompatibility, high temperature or high corrosion resistance applications.  Soft gold plating provides a 99.9% pure deposit of gold which maintains the lower hardness, and high corrosion resistance of gold consistent with its elemental form.  Advanced Plating Technologies can provide nearly any underplate prior either hard of soft plating including sulfamate or bright electrolytic nickel, medium or high phosphorous electroless nickel, and copper plating.

Originally founded as Artistic Plating Company, Advanced Plating Technologies is located just north of Chicago in Milwaukee, WI and has been electroplating since 1948.  With nearly seventy year’s experience in providing gold plating services coupled with a dedicated surface engineering staff, Advanced Plating can help engineer a finish specific to your application and offers reverse engineering of existing gold plating issues such as solderability, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.  Recent expansions of our three plant campus just north of Chicago, Illinois has increased our gold plating operations across multiple shifts to ensure fast turnaround times.  Our manufacturing and process engineers that quote a job are the same engineers that will develop and optimize the process in production.  Advanced Plating Technologies is ISO 13485:2016 and 9001:2015 certified and offers full PPAP and validation of our gold plating services to ensure consistent results from lot to lot.

Capabilities – APT’s Gold Plating Chicago Services:


  • MIL-G-45206
  • ASTM B488
  • AMS 2422
  • Most Company Specifications


  • Selective Loose Piece Plating
  • Sheet Product
  • Segmented Strips
  • Barrel
  • Wire
  • Rack
  • Vibratory

For additional information on our gold plating services, please visit our full gold plating page or contact us at [email protected] with any questions or quote requests.