Gold Plating Services per QA Technology D10138

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Revision: A
Finish: Gold
Company: QA Technology
Application: Gold plate per ASTM B488-01, Type II, Code C & Nickel plate per ASTM B689-97, Type I
Appearance: Varies
Plate Thickness: 10/15 microinches of bright gold
Strike Thickness: 50/100 microinches of sulfamate nickel per ASTM B689-97, Type I
Notes: 1) Parts are to be cleaned to provide adhesion, No brite dip process allowed (no material removal is allowed). 2) A certificate of compliance, stating that applied plating and processes conform to the drawing and specifications, plating thickness inspection results (XRF per ASTM B568-98) for each plating layer (gold and underplate) shall be submitted for each individually processed lot of material. 3) Plating thickness to be measured at location on part drawing (or 0.100 from end of part). 4) Plating is for electrical conductivity, cosmetic purposes, as well as corrosion protection and must be clean, bright, smooth, and uniform in appearance. 5) Parts must have full gold coverage on O.D.'s and complete gold coverage on I.D.'s (if applicable). 6) Al dimensions shown on part drawing are after plating. 7) Special handling: Use every precaution to ensure that parts are not dented or scratched in handling. 8) Package parts per D10076.

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