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Powder Coating Services (Company) – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Powder Coating ServicesAdvanced Plating Technologies, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin company, offers powder coating services for demanding applications including high cosmetics and selective powder coating.  APT specializes in challenging powder coating services on smaller to mid-size products with high aesthetic, selective powder paint or functional performance requirements.  Our company provides extensive expertise in selective powder coating services utilizing standard, proprietary and custom molded masking techniques.  Advanced Plating Technologies powder coating services are currently employed within the Milwaukee, Wisconsin market and beyond in numerous industries including the medical, defense, marine, power distribution, agricultural and food processing industries.

Advanced Plating Technologies can offer your company numerous pretreatment options with our powder coating services including vapor degreasing, iron or zinc phosphate of steel products, passivation of stainless steel products or chromate conversion coating of aluminum products to enhance the overall corrosion performance of the powder coating system.  Mechanical polishing or graining of basis materials as well as chemical etching of products can be provided to enhance coating adhesion.

Powder Coating ServicesAdvanced Plating Technologies currently services the Milwaukee, Wisconsin market with powder coating services from all major powder suppliers including Dupont (Axalta), Rohm & Haas (Akzo Nobel), PPG, Cardinal and Tiger Drylac.  All thermoplastic and thermoset resin systems can be provided including epoxy, polyesters, urethanes or hybrids.  Specific cure cycles of each powder can be monitored and certified using a DATA PAQ temperature profiling system.  Our company offers powder coating services in a wide range of stock colors or custom-match powder can be developed through our rapid prototyping department.

Powder Coating ServicesPowder coating is a “green” dry-applied paint process that does not utilize a liquid solvent for application, resulting in zero volatile organic emissions.  During application the dry powder paint is fed via compressed air through an application system.  The spray gun imparts a strong electric charge on the powder particles as they exit the spray nozzle.  The powder is accelerated toward the grounded work piece due to the applied electrostatic charge.

Coated parts are then processed through a cure oven where the dry powder cures and transitions from a dry state to a liquid state to a fully cured solid state.  The specific cure cycle of the powder depends on the powder used but generally takes between fifteen to thirty minutes.  Typical cure temperatures range from 275F for low-cure powders to as high as 450F.

Powder coating services have several advantages over traditional wet spray painting as follows:

  • Powder coating can produce much thicker coatings without drips, runs or sags compared to conventional wet-spray paint.  Typical single-layer powder coating thickness ranges from 0.001 to 0.004 inches.  Double coat applications can achieve thicknesses as high as 0.010 inches.  Greater mil thickness coatings equate to better corrosion and wear performance.
  • Baked powder coatings are generally tougher and more resilient to impact than traditional wet spray paints.
  • Powder coating is a green process that does not use volatile organic compounds for application.  Powder coating produces virtually no hazardous waste.

The specific powder properties are fully a function of the powder being used.  Each resin system has specific advantages and disadvantages.  Click on the chart below for a qualitative comparison between performance characteristics of the various powder resin systems.

Powder Coating Services


Powder Coating ServicesIn order for a powder coating to perform as the manufacturer intended, it must be properly cured based upon the cure cycle recommended by the powder OEM.  Powder paint is applied in a powder state and transitions to a liquid and finally to a cured solid based upon the thermal cycle that the product is exposed to during baking.  If the powder sees either insufficient temperature/time or excessive temperature/time in the oven – its corrosion performance, mechanical and cosmetic properties will be compromised.

The mass and material of the product being powder coated greatly affects the specific cure cycle.  For example, a large, massive iron casting will require a longer dwell time as compared to a thin aluminum stamping to achieve an equivalent cure.  This is because large products with significant mass will have a longer thermal lag to come to temperature within the oven.  What matters in curing paint is the temperature of the part surface, not just the temperature of the oven.  A proper cure cycle is critical to providing quality powder coating services and consistent processing from lot to lot.

Advanced Plating Technologies develops a quantified thermal profile and powder cure cycle for each part processed as part of the product qualification.  To develop this thermal profile a Datapaq temperature logger is run with each product where various thermocouples are placed on the actual product being coated and the temperature/time profile is logged electronically.  This data is then recorded with cure cycle analysis software developed by Datapaq to provide a final cure value of the powder.  Datapaq is the leading supplier of cure software for the industrial coatings market and Advanced Plating Technologies has utilized their technology since its advent in the early 1980s.  An example cure curve is provided below as well as a brochure of one of the Datapaq systems used by our company.


Powder Coating Services – Why APT?

Specifications: Most Company Specifications

APT Unique Capabilities:
Highly Cosmetic Powder Coating
Demanding Selective Powder Coating Applications
Powder Coating Over Plated Finishes (e.g. Powder Over Silver, Tin, Electroless Nickel or Black Electroless Nickel)
Clear Coats or Clear Coats Over Metallics/Pigmented Powders

Powder Types:
Aromatic Urethane
Aliphatic Urethane
TGIC Polyester
Smooth, Wrinkle & Textured Finishes
Numerous Stock Colors Offered
Any Color Can be Stocked or Custom Matched

Axalta (DuPont)
Akzo Nobel (Rohm & Haas)
Tiger Drylac
Most Other Powder Suppliers

Substrates Plated On:
Ferrous: All Ferrous Alloys Including Mild Steel, Stainless Steels, Hardened Steels & Tool Steels
Zinc: Wrought or Cast Grades
Cuprous: All Cuprous Alloys Including Pure Copper, Copper Alloys Including Tellurium & Beryllium, Brass, Nickel-Silver
Aluminum: All Aluminum Alloys Including Wrought, Cast and Proprietary Alloys (MIC-6)
Exotics: Inconel, Pure Nickel (Nickel 200), Cobalt-Chrome (MP35N), Kovar, Monel, Hastalloy, Monel, Lead

Part Size Limitations:
Up to 45 lbs
30 Inches x 36 Inches x 12 Inches

Pretreatment Options:
Vapor Degreasing
Iron or zinc phosphate of steel products
Passivation of Stainless Steel
Chromate Conversion Coating of Aluminum
Polishing or Graining

Cure Temperatures:
Low Cure Powders Available to 275F
Standard Cures Between 325-400F

Selective Powder Coating


Our powder coating services are for commercial, high volume applications. At this time we do not offer powder coating on custom applications such as personal motorcycles, personal automotive parts, etc.. Please visit Optimum Coating for these services.