Plating Topics

For over sixty-five years Advanced Plating Technologies has been providing engineered solutions in metal finishing for our customers.  Regardless of the industry, finish or application the principle topics surrounding the art and science of metal finishing remain constant.  Provided below are eight finishing topics that are central to the metal finishing industry.   Select on any of the questions to learn more regarding the specific finishing topic.  We hope you find this information a useful resource and value any feedback you may have.

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[citem title=”Corrosion” id=”citem_1″ parent=”collapse_1″]

[/citem][citem title=”Plating and Underplate Selection” id=”citem_2″ parent=”collapse_1″]

[/citem][citem title=”Plating Thickness and Uniformity” id=”citem_3″ parent=”collapse_1″]

[/citem][citem title=”Adhesion” id=”citem_4″ parent=”collapse_1″]

[/citem][citem title=”Aesthetics and Appearance” id=”citem_5″ parent=”collapse_1″]

[/citem][citem title=”Gold and Silver Price Fluctuation” id=”citem_6″ parent=”collapse_1″]

[/citem][citem title=”Hydrogen Embrittlement and Baking” id=”citem_7″ parent=”collapse_1″]

[/citem][citem title=”Environmental Issues and Compliance” id=”citem_8″ parent=”collapse_1″]