Black Electroless Nickel (Tacti-black) Services

Black Electroless Nickel Plating Services – Tacti-Black Electroless Nickel Company

Black Electroless NickelAdvanced Plating Technologies, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin company, offers a proprietary black electroless nickel plating – Tacti-black electroless nickel – which combines the exceptional lubricity, deposit uniformity, hardness and corrosion resistance of electroless nickel with a fully conductive and uniform black appearance.  Our company has black electroless nickel plating, and is currently utilized in a wide range of industries including the firearm, defense, interconnect, telecommunications and aerospace industries.

Black Electroless NickelAdvanced Plating Technologies’ black electroless nickel plating is available in both medium and high phosphorus varieties.  The level of phosphorus in the coating affects the deposit appearance and properties similar to traditional electroless nickel deposits.  In addition, post-plate baking can transition the deposit from an amorphous to crystalline structure, which greatly increases the deposit hardness.

A brief summary of the deposit properties for our black electroless nickel plating is provided below:

Black Electroless Nickel Plating, High Phosphorus (>10% P):  Semi-bright to matte charcoal gray appearance, non-magnetic with good solderability and highly corrosion resistance with adequate deposit thickness.

Black Electroless NickelBlack Electroless Nickel Plating, Medium Phosphorus (6-9%P):  Semi-bright to bright appearance with a satin black appearance, magnetic, good to excellent solderability and moderate corrosion resistance with adequate deposit thickness.

APT’s Black electroless nickel plating process produces a deposit that is fully conductive and can be soldered or brazed to make it suitable for interconnect, electronics and EMI grounding/shielding applications.  It provides good temperature stability suitable for service temperatures up to 600F with short duration exposures up to 700F.  It will provide your company the perfect deposit uniformity of traditional electroless nickel with tolerances of less than one ten-thousandth of an inch per side possible.

The appearance of the black electroless nickel plating process is a function of the luster of the substrate as well as the phosphorus content of the deposit.  The blackest and brightest appearance is achieved with a highly lustrous (polished) substrate and a medium phosphorus Tacti-black electroless nickel plating.  Conversely, a gray and matte appearance is achieved with a fully matte (such as sand-blasted) substrate with a high phosphorus Tacti-black electroless nickel plating process.  At this time, a jet-black and fully matte appearance cannot be achieved with Tacti-black electroless nickel.

Black Electroless NickelAdvanced Plating Technologies’ Tacti-black black electroless nickel plating provides excellent wear resistance consistent with traditional electroless nickel.  However, the black appearance can be worn through in aggressive wear points such as metal-on-metal sliding contact.  Therefore, the application of the finish for high wear applications should be evaluated accordingly.

Advanced Plating Technologies provides your company with expertise in black electroless nickel plating services to fulfill even the most demanding applications.  From prototyping and PPAP qualification to full production processing, it is APT’s goal to exceed your expectations.  The following points highlight why Advanced Plating Technologies is a leading company in black electroless nickel plating:

  • Black Electroless NickelHeavy Build Capabilities:  Advanced Plating Technologies has successfully employed black electroless nickel plating services to coating thickness of over 0.003 inches.  Our extensive research and development of heavy build black electroless nickel within an interconnect industry provides a sound foundation for all heavy build deposit requirements.
  • Diversity of Substrates:  Our company provides rack, barrel and vibratory black electroless nickel plating services on nearly any metallic substrate including copper & copper alloys such as beryllium, chromium and tellurium coppers, hardened and alloyed steels, stainless steels, Inconels, Hastalloys, Monels, ductile & cast iron and metalized plastics.  Applications on MIM (Metal Injection Molding) metals are welcome and produce excellent results.
  • RoHS and REACH Compliance:  Advanced Plating Technologies is at the forefront of environmental compliance and can certify our electroless nickel plating services as needed to the current RoHS, ELV and REACH regulations.
  • Reliable Lead Times:  In today’s manufacturing climate, dependable lead times are essential to ensure on-time deliveries.  At APT customer responsiveness is a core part of our company culture.
  • Value Added:  Advanced Plating Technologies prides itself in meeting the customer’s needs.  Whether it’s custom engineering packaging, vacuum or nitrogen sealed packaging to enhance storage, Kanban inventory management, light subassembly or multiple finishing combinations – our company will work with you to ensure we meeting your needs in electroless nickel plating services.
  • Black Electroless NickelExtensive in House Analytical and Quality Lab Services:  SPC is employed in all wet-lab work surrounding our black electroless nickel plating services to ensure baths are analyzed and adjusted at optimum frequencies to guarantee operation between critical upper and lower control points.  Our quality lab employs the latest in x-ray, coulometric and spectrophotometer technologies to inspect your parts and will work to your requirements to provide testing as needed.  Our quality lab can certify salt spray performance to ASTM B117, adhesion to ASTM B571 and solderability to ASTM B678.  Mounted cross sections of parts are also available.